Insurance Tips

At the scene:

ALWAYS get the other driver’s insurance information AT ONCE! Use our handy printable Accident Form to record details of the location, landmarks, weather and road conditions, etc.

If you have a digital camera or cell phone camera with you, take a few quick shots of your car’s damage, what you hit, or the other vehicle & driver (if applicable.)

Look around, and get names, contact numbers and details from ALL eye witnesses.

Be cautious about any verbal admissions of fault.

ALWAYS carry your own proof of insurance in your car, with proper up-to-date insurance cards.

ALWAYS inform your local police of the date, time, location and other particulars of the accident.

ALWAYS inform your insurance carrier as well, even if you are not making a claim.

IF your car is a “non-drivable” and must be left at the scene, just call R/T Collision Centre at 883-8578 and we can quickly arrange a tow truck to meet you on site!

At the Collision Centre:

Firstly, be cautious – cheaper isn’t always better!  Consider the quality of work and product being used to complete repairs of your vehicle.

Compare estimates; where there’s a significant price difference, question the shop as to why!

It’s always your choice or preference where you have actually have your repairs done – NO ONE can tell you where you “have” to take your vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, ONE (1) written estimate is all you are required to have for your insurance claim.  You no longer have to get two or three estimates on repairs, unless it’s your choice to do so.

NEVER authorize a shop to proceed with repairs UNTIL the estimate is finalized.  (Some shops will cut initial estimate prices to get your work, then add additional parts or repairs later.)

Bring your insurance information with you when you come to R/T for your FREE estimate.

Let us know in advance if you think you’ll be needing a drive-away rental car, and we can arrange one for you ready to pick up here!

…and leave the rest in our capable hands!

(a copy of these tips are included in our printer-friendly Accident Form)