I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing quality repair work!

There I was, minding my own business on my morning drive to work, when WHAM! my Ford Escape was suddenly hit from behind.  The other car smashed into my trailer hitch and actually folded it up under the rear bumper.  Shaken, I continued in to work but I was concerned about driving a damaged car home.  I tried to get an auto body place in town to look at it but without an appointment I was out of luck.  After consulting with my husband we decided I’d leave work early and bring the SUV to R/T Collision Centre the same day.  Once they were able to get a good look under the car they could clearly see the damage and advised it would be best not to drive it anymore until repairs could be done.  Well, they took care of all the arrangements for a rental car for me, and it was waiting for me to pick up right there the very next day. The work itself on the car was carried out in a professional manner and the bill matched their quote.  Plus, not only did they look after all the annoying paper work for our insurance claim, but the SUV was sparkling clean when we picked up!  We simply returned the rental car to R/T at the same time and they looked after the rest.  The staff at the Collision Centre was great to deal with and they took all the worries out a worrisome situation; I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing quality repair work!

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